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Friday, January 01, 1999

Catagories of Complaints

Archives of Complaints by Industry/Catagory

(Notice: Sprint Is Really in a Class All By Itself. For All Sprint Complaints go to our subsidiary blog "Sprint Really Sucks")

1. Food Service Industry:

Bruegger's #1 Hiring Only Starbucks Rejects?
Kentucky Fried Chicken #1 Where's The Damn Chicken?
Publix #1 Why is getting a Sandwich here, like stepping into a Seinfeld episode?
Sonny's #1 Fourth of July Debacle, And Great Response
The Olive Garden #1 Overcharge Customers and False Advertising
Sainsbury #1 Why are you selling rancid food?

2.Tech-Support, IT Industry/Retail Sales

A & B Sound #1 Lazy Staff, not interested in actually selling
MCI WorldCom #1 Overbilling and Rude Customer Service
NTL #1 Complaint Letter With Cat Pooh!
Sprint #7 Overbilling and Rude Customer Service
Target #1 Why don't you want to sell clothing to fat people?
Wal-Mart #1 Why don't you want to sell us a $200 Digital Camera?
ComCast #1 "Cussing Out A Customer, Not Cool
Dell #1 The Jarvis v. Dell Saga

3.Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Air Canada #1 "No Speeches For You!"
Ford #1 "I didn't call you a dink"

4.Banks/Credit Cards/Collections

Providian #1 Months to get reimbursed for their error
Royal Bank of Canada #1 "No Thanks. American Funds Not Wanted Here!"
Genuine Fiesty Letter from 86 Yr Old Patron in NYT


Coming Soon!

6. Vacation Nightmares

Disney#1 "Welcome to Government World"
Super 8 Motel #1 Very Scary Hotel Room
Expedia.Com #1 "Where's the Toilet Seat In This 3 Star Hotel Room?"

7. Assorted & Sundry Service Companies

Orkin #1 "Pest Control Hall Of Shame"
Half Priced Books #1 Snobby Smelly Hippies


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