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Thursday, September 07, 2000

Sprint #1 Bizarre Response By Sprint to Overbilling Cockup

(Reprinted Without Permission from Sprint Sucks:)

Are you using Sprint long distance telephone carrier? Are you thinking about using Sprint long distance? If you are, I want to share my experiances with you. I'm the owner of a small software business, Computer Tyme. I used to have Sprint long distance because of their "Free Friday's" program. This used to be a good deal because I did a lot of faxing on fridays. But in 1998 I was doing less faxing and started noticing new charges on my bill. I contacted Sprint and they never could get their billing right. It was always in error and in Sprint's favor. I then decided to drop Sprint.

After telling Sprint I was dropping them, Sprint started loading me up with even more non-usage charges. I have many phone lines here and I switched them all over to my new provider, Eclipse. However, do to an error somewhere, either by Eclipse or Worldcom, a few of my lines didn't get switched from Sprint for part of the month. This resulted in $7.05 usage on Sprint during the December 1998 billing period. Now Sprint wants to bill me $241.10 for $7.05 worth of usage. These people are sneaky suckers and you should check your Sprint bill and see if Sprint might be cheating you.

Sprint claims these are minimum usage charges for using less that $200 per month. Up until I cancelled Sprint's service, I was never billed these charges before. But when I decided to drop Sprint, Sprint changed the rules and loaded my bill up with charges. I have contacted Sprint several times about this and Sprint refuses to deal fairly with me. Sprint have damaged my credit and Sprint has their rude collection agencies calling me up and threatening me. I hope to get one on tape and post the conversation here.

Life is too short to put up with this bullshit. There are long distance companies calling me every day wanting my business. Sprint doesn't seem to get the idea that they should treat their customers right. Especially customers like me who have a web server. I tried to be nice but Sprint wouldn't have it, so now Sprint can suffer the consequences.

Go Read It All! And See the Response From Somebody At Sprint To The Website in Question


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