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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Disneyland #1 Welcome To Government World!

Having spent a few thousand dollars and a few days to drive to Disneyland with our son, we were amazed to be confronted with a new addition to the "Most Magical Place On Earth"... that being, the wonderful new version of "Government World".

See, we decided to buy a season's pass to Disney, and we were told that we needed to get our pictures taken, and then have them issue us with their special ID card for the pass. Not a problem... surely Disney wasn't going to turn a trip to a fun theme park into a remake of a visit to your local DMV. Alas, that is what occured. Standing in line for our picture to be taken took over an hour, and then waiting for the pass to be issued at the end of the day, after we were really tired and had already stood in countless lines in order to, you know... go on fun rides... it was not pleasant to stand around for another hour to pick up our DisneyLand Official ID.

Come on Disney, get it together folks. When we consider our overall costs in getting to Disney, and home.. we estimate that every hour that we could actually spend in the park cost us about $120.00. It was pretty disgusting to spend over two of those hours to get ID.


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