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Sunday, September 07, 2003

A&B Sound #1 : The Ambler's SOL Experience

Searching For Basic Competence In A World Riddled With Morons:

KMG writes: "I go to A&B Sound—a Western Canadian electronics chain and my favourite store in the world. I ask the DVD clerk about the Alec Guinness box set. He fiddles with his computer and tells me it’s not available in Canada. A week later, I find this set at rival chain Future Shop; it has not been specially imported. A week or so after that, I find it on the shelf at that same A&B Sound. Some time after that, I ask this same clerk about the Peter Sellers box set. He fiddles with his computer and tells me his store will not be getting it in. A week or so later, I find it on the shelf of his store."

(Reprinted Without Permission From The Ambler:)

No Update, Just an Observation by Mr.Kevin Michael Grace, as follows:

"Employees of book and record stores once knew about books and records. Cared about books and records. Worked there because they cared about books and records. Now they know as much about their wares as McDonald’s employees know about cuisine and care as little. Why has this happened? The universality of low, low prices. This means low, low profit margins for retailers. It also means employees with low, low IQs. Or that don’t give a toss. Or both. Not just at Wal-Mart and KFC but everywhere.

You get what you pay for, and volume discounters—almost all retail businesses today—can no longer afford decent employees because store clerks and other "service workers" can no longer earn decent salaries. Minimum wage will not buy you intelligence, competence or loyalty. You don’t like my attitude, Manager Rick? You can take your seven bucks an hour and shove it. They’re hiring at McDonald’s—or McBooks, CDs and DVDs—across the street. It’s a sellers’s market at minimum wage, and no one is unemployable. Are you a woman who sports a leopard-spot brush-cut or a man who sports a mohawk? Do you have 24 rings in your ears, plus metal in your eyebrow, lip and tongue? Is your employment history dotted with mysterious gaps? Are you sullen, stupid, lazy, unfamiliar with the English language and possibly criminal? Welcome to our team. You can start tomorrow."


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