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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Half Priced Books #1 Snobby Smelly Hippie Sales Clerks

Taken From "What Is And Should Never Be" blog

August 3, 2005

Half Price Books on 1960 & Veterans Memorial. I love books. I love USED books. I LOVE the prices. I CAN’T STAND the staff here. I've never been a fan of the drag queen look. I've never been a fan of the hairy guy with the leather wristbands and leather shirt, pants, necklace and most likely, leather underwear! I've had the occasion to be near this fellow, and the smell was oppressive to say the least. I've NEVER felt comfortable approaching these individuals for help. They always seem to have this psudo-intellectual arrogance that puts me off. "Oh, you're looking for THAT book…” type crap…

Anyway, I headed in there tonight looking for anything I could find in the science-fiction / fantasy section and also to find two specific books NOT in that area. These two books are: Arrogance: Rescuing America From the Media Elite - Bernard Goldberg and Osamas Revenge: THE NEXT 9/11 : What the Media and the Government Haven’t Told You - Paul L. Williams.

Yes two EXTREMELY conservative books. Yes…I should have known better. I’d read Bias a while back and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to see what Bernard Goldberg had to say now. As for the other book by Williams, well, he has been making the circuit of talk-shows and he seems to be an interesting guy, if not a bit of an alarmist.

I realized, after asking about the Arrogance book that I had made a mistake. I approached the four individuals working around the piles of books and asked the only female there if she could look up a book for me. She looked down at the pile of books she was dealing with, sighed dramatically, and nodded. She walked over to the computer and glared at me. I waited for her to initiate the conversation, but she stood there staring at me and sighed again, rolled her eyes and said “What do you want me to look up?” I took a deep breath (no, I didn't sigh) and said, "Bernard Goldberg's new book…I think it's called Arrogance."

At this moment her eyes turned very flinty and the other three people back there turned and glared at me. She made a little sound like "hum" and began typing on her computer. She kept looking at me as she typed and eventually I was told that they might have it. I asked her where I might find this book and she sighed again as if I was REALLY wasting her time, "It might be in the military history section." I said "fine" and pushed my luck as I asked her to look up another book for me. She let out a HUGE sigh and looked at me again like she did before. I told her that I didn't know what the author's name was, but he has a book, or will have a book, called "The Al Qaeda Connection". She rolled her eyes and looked back at her computer. The other employees began to chuckle and groan at this point. She found what she was looking for and said, "Are you looking for Paul Williams Al Qaeda Connection, International Terrorism, Organized Crime, And the Coming Apocalypse?!?”" As she spoke the title of this book her tone became so amazingly pretentious that I almost snapped. She said something along the lines of "Why would you want to look at that trash?”"

I should be given a medal of honor for controlling my body and tongue at this point…

I informed her that I didn't approve of her attitude and that I spend nearly one hundred dollars a week in this store. I then told her that she was losing this customer and walked to the door. (I'm not going to print the entire conversation. It was quite one-sided.I talked and she listened with vacant eyed interest.I stopped short of asking when her last bath had been!).

I walked to the door and was stopped by one of the other sales people. He asked what was wrong and I filled him in *fully*and completly about the liberal-hippie-communist-pieces of SHIT that worked behind the counter over there. He chuckled and said that I wasn't the first person to complain about it!

Not the first to complain?? Who the hell is running this store? I used to run a business. If I had an employee that 1) didn't bathe regularly and 2) was incapable of maintaining a modern-day wardrobe (let's leave the medieval crap at home, what do you say?) and 3) showed huge levels of arrogance to the customers,well, I'd have fired them in a heartbeat.

Summing up - - The NICE guy I talked to there at the door apoligized for the rudeness of the employees. He asked to help me find the books. He tried very hard. I told him thank you but no,i'll go over to barnes and noble, and from now on I'll take my books to sell somewhere else.

They all probably got a good laugh at my expense, but I'm not really concerned what the people who work at a used-book store think about me. The only thing I want to know is this: Where has customer service gone?

It's definately not present at the Half-Price Bookstore.


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