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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Target #1 Why don't you want to sell clothing to fat people?

Taken from "The Naked Truth & Other Discombobulated Thoughts" blog

Open Letter To Target

To: Whoever Is In Charge

This is to let you know that I will not be returning to your store with the intent to purchase clothes following my experience this weekend.

As you may know, a recent study indicates that almost 65% of adults suffer from obesity in the United States and in Maine the percentage of obese adults is nearly 24%.[1] So why is it that in your South Portland store, the size of the Women's department is less than 10? x 10??

To make matters worse, the Women's department is in the back corner next to the changing room and several racks contain the discarded clothes from the changing rooms. Furthermore, on my visit yesterday, more than half of the Women's department was taken up with clearance racks for the Misses' department. The choices for purchase where extremely limited and was mostly exercise clothes. I guess that is a subtle hint that instead of working or going to parties, anyone of a larger size should be at the gym.

When I could not find any shorts that weren't meant for the gym, I approached an employee with a name tag at the changing room. I asked if there were any shorts left in the Women's department as it appeared the Winter clothes had already been put out in mid-August. She waved in the general direction of the clearance racks and told me if there were any shorts left, they would be mixed in with those. She was rude and unhelpful and I certainly had the impression that she felt I was wasting her time.

So, until you realize that anorexic teenagers aren't the only ones who shop in your store, that the adults are the ones who really spend the money there, and that your employees need a lesson in how the customer is the reason they have jobs, I shall be shopping where the clothes fit and the employees are friendly.

Thanks for wasting my time and gas yesterday,
N. Mallory


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