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Monday, September 12, 2005

Expedia #1 Where's the toilet seat in your 3 star hotel?

From "The Adventure Begins" blog

Melanie writes:

"So I made a hotel booking for tonight through . I lugged my bags down 2 very narrow spiral staircases, on the tram and accross the city, and to the hotel. Who informed me that 1. If I had booked through them it would have been 20$ cheaper, and 2. They had no way of confirming the Expedia booking, as they had no internet access and refused to call them.

So, I had to walk in the dark to a stupid call centre and CALL Expedia and pitch a phone fit. Result: They phoned the hotel and they cancelled tomorrow's booking so that I can save the money tomorrow"

And... it doesn't get better. It get's worse. She adds the following about the 3 star hotel that she booked thru Expedia.

Dear sir or Madame at Expedia,

I have some comments to add to my complaint of last night, and I would appreciate receiving more than a form letter as a response.

My hotel room last night had no toilet seat. I spent about five minutes peering at the toilet wondering if this was a special Belgian toilet (just like as in in shopping malls in Italy there are just holes in the ground. If you are not posh enough for a small Italian boutique, you deserve to squat?)

I made yet another trip down to the front desk. The last trip had been to inquire about changing channels on the television and the response had been a smile and a remote control taken from a cubby.

"Excuse me," I said, "I know this is a budget hotel, but are the toilets supposed to have SEATS on them?"

"Of COURSE," she answered. "Doesn't yours?" I shook my head. "Couldn't you find it?"

I patiently explained to her that there was nowhere to hide a toliet seat in the tiny room and if she did not have a cubby where I could sign one out, I needed her help in finding some other toilet option.

She pointed accross the street to the burger place.

THIS is a 3-star hotel??

They would not give me another room, and as it was prepaid I could not leave. I actually had to WALK in the dark in a bad area to a nearby cafe to use the washroom. When I complained I was told that there was nothing that they could do. The draiperies were torn and there were sticky, dark stains on the floor, and the dust on the floor was thick and the bedshets stained.

This morning I talked to the manager and was told that as it was an expedia booking and I had ALREADY CONTACTED EXPEDIA with my discontent he would not do anything for me.

In other words, last night they would not give me a room until I found a phone and called Expedia in Canada and waited in hold for ages while they had to CALL the hotel to tell them I actually had a room.

I could not stay at the hotel I had paid for unless I contacted Expedia.

Now I was being punished for doing so. He told me that he would have upgraded me and given me a second night free in his hotel but now he has to deal with Expedia and why should he make things easy for me - I am not his problem, my discomfort is YOUR problem.

They had a sister hotel and could have moved me there if there were no toilet seats to give me in his hotel. Even the sleaziest hostel has a usable toilet.

I would like a refund. This was NOT a 3 star hotel (as they advertise) or a 2.5 star hotel as you advertise. When I told him the room was filthy I received another eloquant shrug and was told that the cleaning staff had not come inthat day so some of the rooms were not as clean as other nights.

Once more: I could not use the toilet. It had no seat. They would not give me my room because though I had my confirmation number they had no fax from Expedia (or a fax machine - it goes to their sister hotel) and would not phone Expedia long-distance. I had to dodge the pimps and whores to find a cafe where I could phone and then I had to pay for a 20 minute call while they talked to the hotel (no way to reverse the charges).
Then when I complained last night about the toilet she not only did nothing but she LAUGHED at me. This morning the manager told me that if Ihad not already expressed displeasure to Expedia he would have compensated me for my hellish room, but since now he has to "Deal with those Expedia guys" he does not want to deal with me also.
I am most disappointed. You misrepresented a hotel. I booked a room WITH A TOILET and paid for a toilet and since the one there was impossible for a lady to use I want some refund.


Melanie Gall

That's not good. Not good at all. Remind me not to bother booking *anything* with


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