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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Orkin #1 Ripping Off Customers

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Pest Control Hall Of Shame: Orkin

So a few months ago when I was on my service-canceling spree to save money, I canceled my pest control service with Orkin. They charged $65 per bimonthly visit (or $390 per year), and I discovered that I could pick up the necessary chemicals online or at my local Bug & Weed Mart for what amounted to $76.58 per year plus tax or shipping plus equipment (sprayers, etc). The chemicals I chose were Baygon Bait (for crickets), Talstar Granules (for ants), and Suspend SC (for spiders, earwigs, and just about everything else).

Anyway, I paid the last bill from Orkin a couple of months ago, and I thought that was that. Today I received a bill from them for over $70 ($65 + tax?). As it turns out, I'm not the only one who has had billing issues with Orkin.

Remind me to check the background of any company I decide to do business with from now on.

Update September 7, 2005: I called them today at the 1-800 number (not my local Orkin office) and they said my service and the appointment for Friday have both already been canceled.



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