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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sprint Blogs!

Hello Sprint Corporate Blogger!

Nice of you to stop by and visit!

Of course, I guess it must be sad to work for a company that regularly treats customers horribly and indeed even rips customers off. So, I doubt that the Sprint Blog will be up for long. But while it is, I thought I would give you a link!


The Customer Zero Staff


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  • Has anyone had this horrible problem with sprint after you canceled your account & service with them? First I canceled the account online months ago paid any $ owed to the account. Then they started billing me again. Called to talk to accounting and was on hold for 3 hrs, got through to a rep not accounting. That dumb ass put me on hold and I was disconnected. Called back & sat on hold another 1 hr 36 min., got through again & another dumb ass somehow disconnected the call. WHAT!
    Next day called back again waited on hold another 2 hrs 40 min. (mind you I'm using my minutes on new cell & service) once I got through to a rep I demanded to talk to a supervisor. They put me on hold again & I got a supervisor 46 min later. The supervisor couldn't help me and transferred me to accounting & somehow got disconnected once again. Who hires these incompetent people! Called back again, got through 1 hr 38 min later, finally got to accounting and got everything taken care of after another 52 min on my cell. Got confirmation # from accounting. Three weeks later got a bill in the mail for $47.00. I ignored the bill thinking WOW this company is F"ed up bad! Week later got another bill & now it's $49.00 and it stated they would use any credit card or payment method they had on file for me to pay the bill if I didn't pay it. WHAT! Well Sprint I'm DONE with your unfair business practices & the harassment plus threatening to take my hard earned money from me without my permission. So tired of Sprint putting a ball & chain on customers that want out of there Sprint service! I will work diligently to get all Sprint customers that are screwed by Sprint to jump on the bandwagon. I HAVE TURNED IT ALL OVER TO MY ATTORNEY (Law Offices of Gary Minor).
    SEE YOU IN COURT! You’re going to lose BIG time!

    FYI - I will be going on a rant ALL over social media about how Sprint is the worst cell company to use!

    Have wonderful day,
    Chris Hill

    By Blogger Chris Hill, at 9:52 AM  

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