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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Super 8 Motel #1 Scary Hotel Room

Taken from "Tilting At Windmills" blog

July 4, 2005

Dear Sir or Madam -

On April 4, 2005, business travel took me to Sierra Vista, AZ where it seems that the securing of lodging at an auberge is quite a challenge, for even the most savvy traveler. On what started out as a pleasant spring evening in the desert, I checked into Innworks' Super 8 Motel. Soon thereafter, all the pleasantries of that evening tranformed into an unsettling horror.

Upon opening the door and peering into the darkened chamber, I engaged the light switch assuming that it would provide some sort of illumination that would allow me to find my way through the room in an unencumbered fashion. When the light switch did not work, I was forced to meander through the maze of cheap furniture and so-called bedding to find a lamp. When the aged yellowed light of the lamp cast its glow on the room, I quickly realized the advantage of the light switch not working. The filth on the carpeting and throughout the room stared back at me with what seemed like a mocking grin. It was at this point that I was overcome by the stench of the room -- having never encountered rotting flesh, I can only hope that it is less pungent than the malodor that encompassed this room. As I continued to scan my frightening new surroundings, my eyes were drawn to what seemed like an artistic array of random cruor coloring on the wall behind the door. I later ascertained this collection to likely be the remnants of some ghastly event from this chamber's tormented past.

After settling into this hovel for the night, I had the opportunity to lay down on one of the beds in the room. Afraid to pull back the covers and expose the pathogens harboring in the subtending layers of bedding, I reposed on this sack. After a few moments on that bed, I learned that it is possible to make mattressing material that is harder than concrete. I can only assume that this is a specialty of Innworks, Inc. that was not advertised as one of the so-called amenities.

During the two forgetful nights spent in your flophouse, I was able to acquire less sleep than a chronic insomniac during a caffeine binge. One of the happiest moments of my life was the arrival of the morning of my checkout. Such elation and a sheer sense of relief are rarely felt in one's lifetime.

Needless to say, I was wholeheartedly dissatisfied with my stay and will never be returning. My many co-workers, whose travel also brings them to Sierra Vista, have been fully briefed on your establishment and they, like myself, have blacklisted your establishment.

Sincerely, Customer X


Customer X,

Thank you for contacting us and Super 8 Motels' Customer Service department concerning your stay this past April at our Super 8 Motel in Sierra Vista. Our hard-working associates at the property do their best to ensure that each guest has a satisfactory stay with us. We sincerely apologize that our service and accommodations did not meet your expectations. We wish that you had made your dissatisfaction known to our staff so they could have taken measures to remedy the situation. At this point, more than three months after your stay, it is difficult to research the specific deficiencies you mentioned, such as the light switch not working, the cleanliness of the carpet, and the odor in the room. At present, the room appears to be satisfactory to recent guests who have occupied it.

As for the relative firmness of the bed, this is a matter of personal preference that varies greatly from guest to guest. The standard hospitality bed sets we purchase from a national manufacturer tends to be middle-of-the-road in terms of firmness. We are sorry you found this to be uncomfortable. Again, had we known this was a problem, we could have allowed you to try different beds in different rooms so that you could have been more comfortable on the second night of your stay.

We realize that our guests have the opportunity to choose from a variety of accommodations when traveling to Sierra Vista. We appreciate that you gave us a chance and regret that we were unable to provide a better experience for you. We thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns so that we can again reinforce with our staff the importance of proactively addressing operational and housekeeping issues before guests arrive.



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